The Center

Sachamama Lodge is located in the Peruvian Amazon, 18 km outside the city of Iquitos, direction to Nauta; it is opened all year round, Don Francisco Montes Shuna offering here Plant and Tree Dietas for persons that seek physical or spiritual healing and for those interested in spiritual progress as well as in learning the ancient and mysterious indigenous healing methods and the shamanic wisdom.  Don Francisco created  the center in 1990 under the name La Sachamama Ethno-Bothanical Garden and it functions up to this day as a shamanic teaching and healing center, where people come from all over the world in order to learn or heal themselves with the help of Medicinal and Master Plants( Teacher Plants), according to ancient and sacred indigenous healing methods, a legacy from the Indian and Pre-colombian culture.

Sachamama Lodge consists of 17 individual bungalows for  Diet, a family house, a reception house and the Temple for ceremonies. Apart from being a spiritual and healing center and a school, where people come in search of spiritual growth or healing, it is as well intended to be a reservation for many amazonian plants, the garden comprising 150 acres of land, close to the Amazon river, and it holds thousand of species of cultivated medicinal trees, plants, vines and herbs.