There is common knowledge among the indigenous amazonian medicine men, that for any disease, whether physical, mental or spiritual, exists at least one or more medicinal plants in the rainforest that can cure it. Furthermore, for those interested in learning these sacred methods of healing of the native amazonian population , there are Teacher (Master) plants willing to open to them the gates of this mysterious world and teach them the shamanic wisdom. However, the essential steps for both patient and apprentice is to commit oneself and to follow the process of a strict and rigorous Diet. This Diet implies having no sugar, no salt, no meat or animal oils and fat, no alcohol and no sexual activities. Diet is viewed as a tool helping to purify the body and to stimulate its innate ability to self-heal, as well as a means to achieve and maintain an altered state of consciousness, which permits the plant teacher to heal, instruct, provide knowledge and enable the initiate to acquire power. The Diet is viewed as a means of making the mind operate differently, providing access to wisdom and lucid dreams. During the process of dieting the person should stay alone in his/her bungalow, keeping a state of solitude, while the relationship between patient/student and the spirits inherent in the plants is encouraged, cultivated and carefully looked after.

Diet in Sachamama Lodge

The Ayahuasca retreats are generally focused on healing the body , the mind, and the spirit. In Sachamama a major component to doing your retreat will be the Plant/Tree Diet, that will enhance your healing process, empower you and offer you access to your inner wisdom and a higher state of consciousness, providing you with a deeper understanding of yourself , as well as the spiritual nature of the world around us.

As a preparation for your first Ayahuasca Ceremony, on the day of your arrival in the center, a Flower Bath and a Perfume Ceremony will be organised for you, as a purification and clearance of toxic energies and to help engage the forces of the divine. There are two Ayahuasca Ceremonies programmed every week, on Tuesday and Friday. The Plant/Tree for your Diet will be selected for you depending on your state of being and needs, as well as according to the indications received by Don Francisco from the spirit world.
During your stay in Sachamama you will be accommodated in an individual bungalow and we would recommended that you keep a certain state of solitude throughout your stay, in order to allow the Plants and yourself the optimal conditions to do a better work. In order to achieve the best results, a stay of minimum three weeks in the center is advisable.