They say it is not you who chooses Ayahuasca , it is Ayahuasca who chooses you, maybe even before you are born, and she has her ways of reaching out and calling for you when you are in greatest need of healing. Back in 2014 i was feeling myself mentally, emotionally and phisically exhausted to such an extent that I had lost all joy in living.I was feeling quite desperate on the inside and I didn't know how I could help myself out of that state. When I first heard about Ayahuasca and the shamans of the Amazon , although it sounded to me more like a fairy tale than out of this world, I instinctively knew and trusted completely that it was the place where I would find my balance in life again. My first contact with Ayahuasca was in 2015 , I felt how she was healing me in incredible ways and I could easily see why they call her the Mother of all medicine, but I was somehow disappointed in the approach the shamans had towards foreigners. Following the experience I did change a lot, and for the better, but I knew I had to continue my healing process, so in 2016 , searching for my way, I reached Sachamama. I knew straight away that Don Francisco was the Curandero and the teacher I had been searching for and that Sachamama was indeed the place where I would find my healing, and it took me one month to realize that I would like not only to heal myself, but actually learn what the plants have to teach us, people. I feel very grateful to Don Francisco Montes Shuna for having given me the opportunity to learn this sacred wisdom and knowledge , and I feel full of bewilderment , respect and love towards the Medicinal and Teacher plants , whom I believe to have very important teachings for humanity and its evolution, if we only choose to listen.


My first contact with Ayahuasca was in 2012. A keen interest in studying the world religions and in seeking spiritual life had led me to shamanism, which goes back further than any other religion. The first contact with the plant had a quite amazing effect on my life. Seeing the huge effects of the plant medicine and of the Ayahuasca ceremonies on myself, I decided to completely dedicate myself to studying the shamanism of the Amazon. After four years of work and research, and after having studied with various indigenous shaman teachers, I had a question mark whether I should continue or not my learning process. The reason for this was a constant feeling of being somehow manipulated by the ones who ought to have been my teachers as well as the lack of a deeper connection and trust regarding the shamans with whom I worked. However, I decided to give myself one more chance and this time actually my dreams played the biggest role. Guided by the indications received in my dreams and by my intuition, I reached Sachamama and Maestro Don Francisco Montes Shuńa in 2016. I could finally feel my search was completed and that I had found the place for me and a trustworthy teacher, and that I could start the learning process again. Thanks to Don Francisko's knowledge and life approach, one could expect to find in Sachamama Lodge the place for really effective treatment and the proper guidance for a fruitful learning process.